allstar weekend fangirl problems
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the time has come. i haven’t used this account in forever, but I’m going to be deleting. this is so so difficult idk if i can even do it lol bye.


bands are a lot like autocorrect because both can ruin and save your life all at the same time


can we just bring this back? 

i miss this night.

allstarweekendscrapbook said: For the merch table, I think it varies?! I'm not sure. Don't hold me to that. At least it was different for me for the past two shows I've been to, but one of them was a fair show. The person that is in charge of the merch site is named, Chris. I'm not sure if that answers the anons question completely, but hopefully it's somewhat helpful. :)

thank you lovely!

allaboutheweekend-deactivated20 said: west aspen merch does their merch if that's what that person was talking about

allstarweekendscrapbook said: What exactly does the anon mean by who does the merch? Do they mean who is at the merch table during tour, or who is in charge of the merch site?

i was thinking merch table, but i could be totally wrong.

Anonymous said: who does their merch?

uhh i honestly don’t know, sorry!

can anyone help us out here?


Allstar Weekend

House Of Blues, Anaheim

19 January 2013

okay guys, I’m definitely not on this blog as much as i’d like to be, so i wanna know what you guys wanna see on here. any suggestions are appreciated because i really wanna get this blog up and running again. 

thanks lovelies xoxox


i took this picture and i forgot it so here you go holy shit this is beautiful

if you remove my credit I will punch you so hard your un-fertilized baby will feel it  


cool story bro